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                       SINCE 1989         


  Cixi Wangtong Electronic Co., Ltd. (CWT) is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of DIP Switches and Waterproof Connectors and calls on its extensive experience of maintaining competence in the market since1989 to provide a range of effective and reliable CWT electronic products for more than 50 countries all over the world.

  CWT is located in the Golden Triangle Area in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo Province – Cixi. The Factory covers an area of more than 8500�Oand have roughly 600 staffs. The Annual Output of DIP Switches is about 20,000,000 pieces and 16,000,000 sets of Waterproof Connectors.    


n The Core Values of CWT





• Effective Quality Management

  Quality is seemed as the Heart of CWT, as it is an expression of characters and a base of customer trust. All of CWT’s staffs get a strong sense of responsibility for the ‘High Quality’. Hence, under the supervision and measurement, they refine on the processes of installation and testing to guarantee the effective and reliable products.

Innovation, Creativity, R&D

  Innovation/Creativity is the high energy and positive spirits of CWT. The Innovation of CWT is not only in R&D, but also in marketing, inter management, knowledge accumulation, etc. That is, all of CWT’s staffs wear an innovative work attitude at any time to demand customers in today’s variable market.

•Performance Management

  Performance Management is seemed as the Spine of CWT.  Reaching effective communication, stimulating job motivation and  improvaing  raliable wokring arrangement  are the factors to enhance the market competition.   

•Comfortable Working Environment & Atmosphere

  Offering the ‘Comfortable Working Environment & Atmosphere’ is not only the may to improve staff’s motivation, but also the responsibility of CWT for every staffs. CWT offers complete employee welfare and comfortable working environment to enhance employees’ sense of belonging.

•Social Responsibility

  Social Responsibility is one of the elements to help CWT establishes a good corporate brand image. With the concept of “rewarding our society by what we have taken from it “, CWT also expect self to be a good corporation that continually rewards gains to the society.


n CWT Philosophy 


• Pursuing the Market 

Exploring the market and adapting the market are CWT’s target. On one hand, CWT understands customers’ requirements (pursuing product diversification, products and technology innovation, new products development and effective delivery time) in order to help the customers to maintain and reach the leading position in the market. On the other hand, CWT has been improving our after-sale service and the customer satisfaction. 


•  Friendly Cooperation

  CWT is not just an electronic component manufacturer, but also a long-term strategic partner to form strategic alliances with our customers. 


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